Name the Baby Penguin Contest!

Submit a name and you could win a penguin prize package for four and meet a real penguin!

Moody Gardens Penguin ChickEnter one of two ways:

1)    Submit your entry in the Registration Box at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid
2)    Email your entry to (Be sure to include your name, age, phone number and address with your email entry)

Contest dates:  Dec. 18, 2009 – Jan. 1, 2010
Prize Awarded:  King Tux the Moody Gardens Penguin Mascot will choose the winning entry Jan. 3

Please note: Contestants must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older to use their prize.

38 Responses to “Name the Baby Penguin Contest!”

  1. Conrad deLeon says:

    Conrad says Rosco The Penguin Rocks

  2. Aaron deLeon says:

    Aaron says Wally

  3. Taylor Cash says:

    Taylor says Waddles

  4. Rhonda deLeon says:

    Rhonda says Tux

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Aairah Khan says:


  7. Linda Bickley says:


  8. Sherri says:



  10. Bonnie says:

    Janelle says Bonnie

  11. Jordan says:

    Jordan says PYGUA

  12. Jennise says:

    Jennise says Cellia

  13. veronica Lee says:


    (It’s an early genus of penguin)

  14. Emily Drever says:

    Pluckers Moody Penguin

  15. Melissa King says:


  16. Hector & Stephanie says:

    Dimitry the pinguin!

  17. Meredith says:

    Meredith says Fluffy!

  18. Kelly says:

    smoochie! just look at those lippies! Smoochie Smoochie Smoochie! PS: if i win, please give my prize to a child or family in need as i live in Arkansas… :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    avaneesh should be the name of new baby, meaning lord of the earth

  20. Eboni Godfrey says:

    i came up with the name honey because it looks so sweet and honey is sweet

  21. happy feet is the name i picked out i love the movie so much that is how i got the name

  22. If it’s a girl I say name the penguin Lu Lu!
    It it’s a boy let’s name him Lenny.

  23. A girl should be Samantha and a boy should be Will.

  24. Anthony Broussard says:

    That little baby looks like a PACO to me! Paco should be the name.

  25. Alex Broussard says:

    Orion should be the name.

  26. Paula says:


  27. Madison says:


  28. Chelsee says:

    i say that it should be called Cupid….it is so addorable, i just want to take it home…awww

  29. Mary Caruth says:

    I think it should be named “Tango” because they look like they have tuxedos on ready to dance!

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  32. ophelie says:

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  33. prokoloffas says:

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  34. Keri Ryther says:

    extended entry you teem with

  35. Mrs. Guill's Kindergarten Class says:

    Mrs. Guill’s Kindergarten Class thinks the chick should be named Moody!

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