Spring Break is almost here at Moody Gardens is offering some exciting new attractions and experiences to provide an enjoyable daytrip or extended vacation at one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.


Meet Jeff Corwin and explore the Bay. Venture from New York to Virginia and meet the families and teams who are working together to understand and address the issues facing the country’s largest estuary, Chesapeake Bay, with “Expedition Chesapeake” showing in the MG 3D Theater. Narrated by three-time Emmy Award winner Jeff Corwin this film encourages audiences to appreciate the value of the Bay but to also take steps to support long-term conservation efforts in their communities.


This film also has a local tie in – Galveston Bay, and Jeff Corwin himself, along with representatives from other organizations including Galveston Bay Foundation, American Bird Conservancy, Houston Audubon Society and Turtle Island Restoration Network, will be at Moody Gardens on Mar. 7 for insightful presentations explaining the similarities between Chesapeake and Galveston Bays and how Galveston Bay benefits our local ecosystem. Sail aboard the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat with Corwin and others that morning, and join him for introductions to “Expedition Chesapeake” showings throughout the day.


Visit some of the world’s most remote caves, both above and below the water, in France, Iceland, the Bahamas, the U.S. and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, with “Ancient Caves,” also showing in the MG 3D Theater.


Paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley and her team are on a mission to unlock the secrets of the Earth’s climate in the most unlikely places – caves- in this exciting new film narrated by Emmy-award winner Bryan Cranston that brings science and adventure together.


Visit us on Mar. 14 for an exciting look at how this film links up with research being done by Moody Gardens’ staff members. Moody Gardens’ own Dive Safety Officer and resident cave diver Jake Emmert, along with his colleague Dr. David Brankovits from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the United States Geological Survey will present their research on how species survive in underwater caves in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Hands-on activities will also illustrate how divers prepare to work in these extreme environments and how the tools they use in their research teach us more about the Earth.


Also, don’t miss the premiere of Aquaman™: The 4D Experience in the 4D Special FX Theater. Join Aquaman™ on a quest to prevent a war between the worlds of ocean and land. When the power-hungry ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis pressures his oceanic community to attack the surface world for their destruction of the seas, Aquaman™ returns to the tumultuous waters he was shunned from for being half-human. Using his superhuman strength and speed, the powerful hero fights to protect both his land-dwelling comrades and the world beneath the waves, casting a spotlight on the beauty of the seas.


Visit the newest attraction to surface at the Discovery Pyramid – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: An Interactive Adventure.


Captain Nemo and his famous Nautilus submarine are embarking on their next voyage led by Deep, a robotically-enhanced pufferfish, and for this dive you are invited to be part of the crew. Help operate the ship, choose which direction it travels, activate the on-board camera, and interact with fascinating sea creatures including a sting ray, an anglerfish, a leatherback sea turtle, a killer whale, and even a colossal squid. Along with his helper robots, Echo and Torque, Deep will escort The Nautilus to a spectacular coral reef, ice caves in the Antarctic, an ancient lost city, undersea volcanoes, and more.


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