World’s First Giant Screen 6P Laser Projection System to Debut at MG 3D Theater

The Moody Gardens MG 3D Theater has always been one of the best large-format screen theaters in the world. It will continue to live up to that status with the installation of a state-of-the-art laser projection system in the coming months.

The world’s first museum-based 4K 3D giant 6-Primary laser projection system will debut on the largest screen in Texas on Nov. 15.

Christie 4K 6P laser projection system

At least twice as efficient as today’s best 3D systems, Christie Digital System’s 6P laser projectors generate a proprietary mix of photoptically-optimized light wavelengths for each eye directly from the source, in effect eliminating the need for a highly inefficient stage of filtering or polarizing the light as it leaves the projector. New Dolby® 3D glasses specifically engineered to exactly match the 6 primary laser light wavelengths will yield nearly 90 percent light efficiency.

OK, what does that mean in layman’s terms for the average movie goer?

Well now audiences will see a picture that is nearly three and a half times brighter and featuring more vibrant colors than normal theaters. Moody Gardens is also replacing the 60 by 80 foot MG 3D silver screen with a white one. The result will be the sharpest picture quality ever seen in a 3D theater.

Along with the theater’s top-of-the-line 11.1 surround sound system, this new laser projection further distinguishes the MG 3D Theater as one of the premier cinema venues, giving audiences the best viewing experience in the world.

The system is the latest collaboration between D3D Cinema and Moody Gardens. In 2011 and 2012, Moody Gardens hosted the annual Digital Cinema Symposium, unveiling new technology from D3D and Christie.

Don Kempf, president and founder of D3D Cinema, said the new laser projection system is “unarguably the future of cinema presentation.”

“The DCI and DIGSS-compliant Christie laser solution, coupled with 6P glasses technology, will be unparalleled in terms of image quality,” Kempf said.The MG 3D Theater will close on Oct. 27 to have the new laser projection system installed. It will re-open on Nov. 15, just in time to show some of the most popular holiday movies during Moody Gardens’ Festival of Lights.


  1. Shelby

    What are the movies, times and prices?

  2. Jay Reese

    What is the price for kids and adults for just the IMAX. We will be in Galveston 7-29-15 what movie will be showing ?

  3. MoodyGardens

    Hi There! Tickets for the MG 3D Theater are $10.95 for adults and $8.95 for children (4-12) and Seniors (65+). Children 3 and under are free. You can see our current schedule here:

  4. John Howell

    Hello, I was just wondering if the theater was planning on showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I saw that you guys do show some big holiday movies and Avengers: Age of Ultron, so I’m crossing my fingers as of now. Thank you

  5. Kyle H

    Excited to check this out this holiday season! Love 3D movies with the family.

  6. Elissa Taylor

    are some of the movies full length or r they short movies like the spongbob 3D exsperiences. Like home 2d is it the full movie or only short like polar express??

  7. Kecha Ray

    Sounds great! What about closed captioning? Will captuoning now be available for shows????

  8. Christie

    Is the Jungle Book showing included in the Moody Gardens annual membership?

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