Moody Gardens has a whole bunch of animals ranging from Madagascar jumping rats to giant Amazon River Otters but only one of our animals has been with us the longest. Cookie, our Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, has the distinct honor of being the longest resident on property.


Before we get into Cookie’s story here is some general background information on his species. Sulfur crested cockatoos, Cacatua galerita, are native to Australia, New Guinea, and some of the islands of Indonesia. The species conservation status is currently listed as least concern meaning that their numbers are healthy in the wild and they do not currently face the threat of extinction.

Cookie arrived at The Moody Gardens Education Department, then called Seaside Safari, in 1988 and has been here ever since. For the 28 years Cookie, who is at least 33 years old, has been here he has been an animal ambassador. Animal ambassadors represent their counterparts in educating our guests about animal biology and conservation.  These animals are not usually viewable to the general public, as their appearance for special programs is by reservation only.  The animal keepers work with the ambassador animals for presentations and events such as camps, sleepovers, birthday parties and a wide array of learning opportunities through our education department.

You can get a chance to get up close with Cookie and learn more about him and our many other animals on property by checking out one of our education programs. To get all the details and to book your own party click here!