Moody Gardens Attractions Close Temporarily in Compliance with City of Galveston Order for Entertainment Venues in Response to COVID-19




Galveston, Texas (Updated March 24, 2020) — In compliance with an order issued for entertainment venues by the City of Galveston, Moody Gardens is temporarily closing its attractions. This order was issued on March 17  for the implementation of control measures to control the community spread of Corona/Covid 19 virus.

As a precautionary measure to further combat the potential for community spread, Moody Gardens’ officials decided to extend that period to 10 days until March 28 and will now remain closed until the order by the City of Galveston is lifted. The closure impacts the Moody Gardens attractions. The Moody Gardens Hotel closed on March 22 and will reopen on June 1. Moody Gardens Golf Course will remain open and will be following CDC guidelines regarding social distancing.

“We value the community of Galveston and the safety of our guests and staff is always our highest priority,” said John Zendt, president and CEO of Moody Gardens, who added that key staff will report to work to care for animals and the facility.

For more information, please call 409-744-4673 or visit

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  1. Connie

    I have a yearly pass for Moody and I also stay there 3 or 4 times a year in a balcony room…since the motel and attractions are closed will there be any offers of room discounts after opening and will the passes be extended or a discount on the yearly membership

  2. Teresa Staggs

    How will year passes be compensated for not being able to utilize the facilities due to covid19

  3. Erica Leon

    Hi my name is Erica and I’ m have been a member for 2 years We love going to visit especially my kids, our concern I’s that we renew our membership in December and concerning that it’s close due to Covid-19 its being close, and who knows till when so our questions are,
    Is Moddy Gardens extending our membership, for t by e months we cant go. Or are we getting a discount when renewing again.
    Or what solutions is Moddy Garden is going to offer, thank you.

  4. Carol and Chuck Thompson

    Can you let us know when you reopen? Thanks.

  5. Sarah

    We miss you guys! Can’t wait till June to see how much the Rainforest has grown! Any schedule yet for Bands on the Sand 2020?!

  6. Beth

    We’re looking forward to coming and staying at the moody garden in August and go to moody garden. Do y’all no how things will be then and how y’all are going to do it and. When can you get tickets

  7. Beth

    We’re looking forward to coming and staying at moody garden in August and the hotel how is this going to be then. And when can you buy tickets

  8. Maddison DeDominico

    Do we know yet when Mood Gardens will be completely back open again?
    Do we know if there will be any extensions for those who have a membership and missed out on months?

    Thanks for the time☺️

  9. Destiny Skiles

    I have reservations for May 29th -31st I called the hotel and they stated they would be open, will the Moody Gardens attractions be open?

  10. Robin Culp

    I was just wondering if moody gardens is still closed.

  11. Robin Culp

    Is moody gardens still closed

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