Public and Corporate Donations Can Support Artist Boat’s One in a Million Campaign.


Moody Gardens made a generous donation to Galveston’s Artist Boat’s One in a Million Campaign on June 8 in honor of World Ocean’s Day. Moody Gardens mission of conservation and education shares common goals with the One in a Million Campaign and all of the work put forth to preserve Galveston Island’s wetlands and coastal prairies, along with the animals that inhabit the area. All ticket proceeds obtained from An Island Wedding Show at Moody Gardens on May 23, 2021 benefitted the Moody Gardens Conservation Fund and were donated to this campaign.


Artist Boat in Galveston Island is trying to raise $10 million in two years with their One in a Million Campaign to protect and finish the purchase of 1,400 acres of precious wetlands and endangered coastal prairies. The goal is to help finish creating a bay-to-beach Coastal Heritage Preserve on West Galveston Island. Conserved and protected habitats on the Gulf and Galveston Island benefits every individual, whether they are from Galveston or somewhere else in the Southwest US. This campaign is sure to make a difference for at least 650 species of birds, otters, coyotes, swamp rabbits, fish, shrimp and even crabs. Today, Artist Boat owns some 700 acres of the Coastal Heritage Preserve, having raised over $11 million to purchase the land parcel by parcel.


The public is invited to attend Artist Boat’s World Ocean Day Festival Saturday, June 12 at Stewart Beach from 11am to 4:30pm. This festival is free to attend and provides a unique opportunity to honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s shared ocean. The world and population rely heavily on a healthy ocean to survive and thrive as the ocean generates most of the oxygen, food and water needed. By helping to protect the ocean, individuals are in turn protecting the climate and future of the planet.