New Exhibit to Debut May 18 at Moody Gardens: BODY WORLDS RX

“Journey Under the Skin” appearing at the Discovery Museum offers visitors a chance to see the human body like none other!

© Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS, Institute for Plastination, Heidelberg, Germany,

The newest exhibition coming to the Moody Gardens Discovery Museum this May will take visitors on an eye-opening journey under the skin. BODY WORLDS RX offers visitors the unique opportunity to dive deep and explore the intricate biology and physiology of human health and the dramatic effects of disease through a journey into the human body. 

From organs to muscles to the nervous system and skeletal structures, BODY WORLDS RX gives an unprecedented look inside the world’s most sophisticated mechanism: the human body.

Created by anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens, inventor of Plastination, and Dr. Angelina Whalley, curator of the trailblazing BODY WORLDS exhibitions, the exhibit features real human specimens preserved through Plastination, a technique that removes fluids from the body and replaces them with hardened plastics.

The displayed specimens show impressive comparisons and contrasts between healthy bodies and organs and those stricken with disease. The exhibit was designed to explore the intricate biology and physiology of human health and the dramatic effects of contemporary diseases, including back pain, arthritis, cancer, obesity, heart infarction, dementia, and more. It will inspire audiences to embrace preventive healthcare through an informative and entertaining presentation of the latest research on top health issues.

Tickets to the Discovery Museum provide admission to BODY WORLDS RX and are $20 for adults, $17 for seniors 65 and up, and for children 4-12. Visitors may also take advantage of a One-Day Value pass, which gives admission to the Aquarium and Rainforest Pyramids, Discovery Museum, Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, MG 3D, 4D Special FX, and Audience Recognition Theater for $80 per adult and $70 for children and seniors.

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  1. Milagros Andrada-Tanega

    I’d like to bring 14 seniors to the event. Do you have any tours or discounts for 55+ seniors- Evelyn Meador Library Thank you!

  2. Moody Gardens

    Hi, group discounts become available for groups at 20 persons or larger.

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