Moody Gardens takes you behind the scenes with Cooper, the Moody Gardens ocelot.

Cooper is one of the newest members of the Moody Gardens family. He will be joining his rainforest friends when Rainforests of the World opens in May 2011. Moody Garden’s biologists work closely with Cooper to teach him behaviors that are vital to his care.

Check out the video to learn more about Cooper, the coolest ocelot!

Did you know that Ocelots are endangered?ocelot
The ocelot is listed as endangered by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services (USFWS). Once abundant in many areas throughout the southwest United States and Mexico, today the animal has almost disappeared. It is estimated that as few as 120 ocelots survive in Texas alone. In Central and South America, the ocelot is still hunted for its fur and captured for the pet trade.

Fun Fact:

Cooper LOVES cinnamon and peppermint! Trainers use these spices as a form of enrichment when working with this amazing animal.

Blog Post by:
Whitney O’Grady
Rainforest Public Relations Coordinator