Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 4D

With the weather getting colder and the holidays closer, one of our favorite things to do is watch Christmas movies with our family and friends. At Moody Gardens we bring holiday films to the next level by showing them not only in our 3D theater but our 4D Special FX Theater as well.


This year Moody Gardens is thrilled to present Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer in our 4D Special FX Theater which combines 3D projection with audio and timed sensory elements. While watching the holiday classic guests can feel the wind in their face as Rudolph flies through the sky and smell Christmas trees and cookies when at Santa’s castle. Perhaps the most enchanting part of the experience, however, is the snow that falls inside of the theater at the same time that it falls in the film. The 4D experience engages all the senses and leaves guests wishing that they could join Rudolph as part of Santa’s team. There is no doubt that after the film, children and adults alike are left feeling  the Christmas spirit!

To experience the sensory adventure of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer in our 4D Special FX Theater you can purchase tickets in the Visitor Center for $10.95 for adults, $8.95 for children and seniors, and free for children under 3. If you have a day pass or membership the theaters are included for you to enjoy!


  1. Laurie Adams

    What are the times for the movie?
    Does it show everyday?

  2. Moody Gardens

    Rudolph shoes daily from 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.

  3. Cristy

    So how often are the shows? How long? How many will show between 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.? Are they 4p, 5p, 6p, 7p, 8p and 9p?

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