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Once you’re done exploring all the beauty and entertainment that Moody Gardens has to offer, be sure to take home some great souvenirs. Moody Gardens’ souvenirs and paraphernalia also make fantastic gifts, which is important to keep in mind during the holiday season. Moody Gardens offers a few different shopping options for your retail fix!


The Shops at Moody Gardens: There are two different gift shops in Moody Gardens. One can be found in the Aquarium Pyramid and the other one is located in the Visitors’ Center. These shops offer unique and high-quality apparel and souvenirs for visitors to take home with them and remind them of the memories they created at Moody Gardens. Some of the popular items featured in the gift shops include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Souvenirs
  • Tropical plushies
  • Games
  • Educational toys
  • Scientific toys


Boutique Le Fluer: This high-quality Moody Gardens Hotel Gift Shop is the perfect place to shop for items that capture the memories of your stay. The shop is located next to the registration lobby and carries a variety of keepsakes for sale. Shop for: eclectic souvenirs; Moody Garden logo items such as sweaters or key chains, jewelry, swimwear, resort fashion apparel, and regional treasures.


Shopping Shuttle: Moody Gardens Hotel also offers a complimentary shuttle to the Historic Shopping District in Galveston on the weekends. The Shops at Seawall and Strand are the best places to get in a little retail therapy while you stay in Galveston, which we wouldn’t want you to miss out on!


If you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in Texas, then look no further than the Moody Gardens Hotel! Moody Gardens is the perfect place for your next family getaway in Texas. Soak up the sun along the coast of the Gulf, and enjoy the educational entertainment of the Aquarium Pyramid, Rainforest Pyramid, or Discovery Museum.


  1. Margie Powell

    We were at Moody Gardens on Thursday of last week and did some shopping in the gift shop in the area where the 3d movies and concessions are. I believe I left my drivers liscense there when I made my purchase. Not sure it was ever given back. I need a phone number to call that gift shop if you could send me that please or check and see if its there. Thanks so much in advance for all your help.

  2. Chris

    We were at gardens last weekend and had a great time. There was a souvenier I wanted to buy for my wife but couldnt since she was with me. Is there an online gift shop associated with the gardens?

  3. Kirk Wiebold

    My 7yo went to Moodt Gardens on a trip with her school. She bought a snow globe that is also a magnet. It has a blue frog inside. Well, she broke it by accident. A very traumatic ordeal! Is there an online shop or someway I can replace it?

  4. @ekcatx

    I’m at moody gardens… what’s the workers name in boutique le fleur? He seemed nice:)

  5. Helen Valdez

    Can I get a volunteer shirt at the gift shop?

  6. Chris

    can i shop online for souveniours? i need to replace a sea turtle shot glass i bought on vacation.

  7. Dave

    How can I buy Moody Gardens T-shirts online and receive them at my door (1,400 miles away)?

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